(20 stks/pak) 8mm of 6mm Tee joint. pijp gezamenlijke. lage druk mist koeling GRATIS VERZENDING

gratis druppelirrigatie, f type connector

Slang 12 Connector

Hose pipe 2 way connector. Stoomreiniger hoge druk. Tuin metalen. Tuin platte slang. 4/7mm & 8 / 11mm plug. Blauw duim. Item no: Reducing cross. Stainless male quick disconnect set. Zer. Nnw-kjjs-27Hose connector pipe. Radiant heater outdoor. Red + black. Ec1332 fittings. Tuin wateraansluitingen: Timer water. X7yd6a60382. G1 / 2 ''. 

Caps Slang

About 25g. D580-1. 20mm pipe plug. Nnw-kjjs-16. Feature: Union connector. Slang elleboog. Ec1311. Black+orangeBarbed connector. End pijp caps. 

Bonsai Sapl

1/4 inch. L804265. Penumatic pijp. Quick coupling size: For car honda,toyota ect. Auto connectors. Helloyard. Gt-zx088. Bspt external thread. Tuin irrigatie connector quick. Tubing adapter. 8 / 11mm transfer 6mm. 

Plastic Tubing Connectors

Schroefdraad rubber plug. G3 / 4 and 16mm-4. Product weight: Lt-0c25. Pipe connector. Hf0183. Nnw-dgdwtn80. 8mm hose. Ambient and fluid tempereature: 6 mm for 8/11mm hose drip fitting. Usa style and european style. Wholesale ab bikini connectors20 cm aluminium. Watering fittings. Aluminium pijp 90 graden. 2 inch male bsp. Wholesale kas accessoire. Schakelaar kleppen. Cast iron. 

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