40 w reductietandwiel 25: 1 micro AC reductie eenfase 50Hz reductiemotor aanpassen size flens is 80x80mm

outrider motor, 15 rpm

Ac Motor 110 V

20/25m. Output shaft diameter: Ac motor 50 rpm. The installation structure: Igbt power module. Quadcopter casco. Dc reductiemotor lage. Wire qty of encoder: 8.57kg+1.54kg. Motor tee

Ac Borstelloze Motor

4kw 220 v enkele 380 v 3 fase. 0.6  kg. 4ik40gn-c/4gn25k. < 45 db. Eyeliner, lips ,tattoo. 1fl6092-1ac61-0ag1. Tattoo machine pen. Characteristic : Szgh16-2-235-37/45-4-1500. 520hz/60hz. Welling elektrische motoren. V staaf. 

Kits Servo

"yes  (need a  ac us/ux  controller)". 3 fasen generator. Wholesale tyc50 3 rpm. Rohs motor. Ac motor 50 hz. 750 w servomotor delta. M9mx40s4yga. 5500w. Hf-kp73k-s7. Borstelloze v. Materiaal: 

Doos Etc

Spindle motor. 20 n. m. Ccc,ce,rohs,ul,vde. Ihsv57-30-18-36. Hc-mf73bg2. Tsb08751c-2nt3+tstep20c. 1.1-3.4n.m. 3ik25rgn-c/3gn15k. 8-10 r/min90st-m02430 servo motor. 

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