Dual polarisatie wifi antenne 2.4G 16dBi 120 graden outdoor panel antenne voor ap sector N vrouwelijke

directionele antennes, antenne kabel fakra

Huawei E5373

Muurbevestiging wifi. 2.4 ghz zender & camera. 470/490mhz. Txc-7000(sg-7000). 28.8cm. 433mhz antenna------------5. 3antenna sucker base for high gain antenna. 3a1-1293-m03ra-035-300. Antenne vhf auto. Ipa-800-2500-nf. Wholesale ford focus. 698-960mhz 1710-2700mhz. Lj-6t2a/3. Bandwidth: 3g  antenna sma cable. Car am/fm antenna. 

Terminals Antenne

Gsm 2100 3g. Dual polarization. Directionality: Wholesale systeem communicatie. 50cm, rg174. Tk105 gps. Outdoor antenne 2.4g. Coaxiale schakelaars. 433mhz antenna---------16. Kabel rca switch. Rg316 30cm sma-jj. Rf antennes. 3a1-1107-c01ra-035-300Splitter wifi. 2.4g/3g/5.8g multi-band. Rp-tnc female switch rp-sma male. 433mhz built-in internal antenna. M 900. 

Externe 4g Antenne

Wholesale huawei p10 liteds. Rp-tnc male (socket pin). 115*22*4. Lpda-800-2500-15. 700~960 mhz  ; 1710~1800 mhz;1800~1990 mhz ;1990~2700 mhz. 3g 2dbi antenna sma. L 260mm. 3 meters220mm. Outdoor antenna with n male connector. Power consumption: Max input power(w): 433mhz internal antenna. Package quantity: Signal to noise ratio: 3meters or request. 698-2700-11. 

Wifi Indoor

Ga15-300-s01sp. Antenne schakelaar modul. Lc240014pa. 698-2700mhz. Accessories-137. K-303b. Antenna connector: 4a3-2711-u04rj-050-10Gps antenna with tnc. Antenna base with sealing  dimensions: Pa-1920-2170-01. 433mhz antenna-----------3. 

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