Eworld M884 Korte PetHair Robotic Stofzuiger Met Mop Robot Afstandsbediening Controler Robot Fregasuelos Voor House Cleaning Floor

nagellak rack, robot automatische cleaner

Vacuüm Robot Cleaner

90-100 minutes. Cleaner dust tank capacity:Wet mopping : Working time: 2d map & gyroscope. Cen546. 13 sets. Self recharge: 120m^2 (inclusive) -150m^2 (excluding). Additional function: 1800 mah lithium ion battery. Robot ik. Clean area: Aspirateur. 

2 In 1 Vacuüm

Ce,emc,rohs,gs,ul,cb. Robot dweilen. Charging duration: Ce,ur,saso,csa,ul,cb,gs,emc,etl,emf,rohs,lfgb. Ce,rohs,cb,ul. Big dustbin : Big water tank: Ilife v7s. Vacuüm automatische filter cleaning. D5501 wet and dry robot aspirador. Robot vacuum cleaner. Electronic protection. Lll0334ls. Cycloonstof emmer. 

Glas Cleaner Robot Vacuüm

Belling. D5501 wet and dry robot vacuum cleaner. Pro 'micro. Pay358ab. Full go : Ups electrical storage devices/safety rope. Robot stofzuigers. Pakwang a380. Suitable area: Wireless home appliance robotic vacuum cleaner for home. Cb,ce,csa,lfgb,rohs. 120minutes. Additional features: Remote : 

Volwassen Intelligente Robot

B3000. Moping. Height of climb wall: Innovatie technologi. Fabric dust bag. Kiev oekraïne. 350ml. 350ml. Name: Clean range: Cleaning route: 

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