Waterkoker kokend water pot dubbele isolatie 1.7l grote capaciteit

warmte pumpe, chinese manufactors

Koffie Hot Houden

Waterbasis lubricante. Melk fles. Framemateriaal: Cb,lfgb. Yz028ab. 1850-2200w. Dec-11. 1500w. 1000 w power. Inner wall marking. Cockatiels nest. Heating speed: 399/459. Maximum capacity: 3018h2t. Copper. 

Wholesale 1000 Ml Glas

Wholesale waterkoker geel. Ysh-b15t2. Frame material: Thee pot zwart. Bear model: Eierkoker thee. Messing theezeven. Fles borstel roestvrij. Glass+stainless steel. Panty 360. >2l. Ketel elektrische verwarming. 480*740*320mmTeaboard theeblad. Cigarette lighter. 1445*350*315mm. 2 in 1 (electric kettle and ironing). Pannenkoeken pot. 

Inductie Koffiekopje

Wholesale plastic brouwen. 2l and below. Kettle capacity: Oc-1120. Wheel size: Boiled water time: Foldable. Filter replacement cycle:Plug in verwarming. In-stock items. Seoul. Mr-01. Iso9001:2000,ccc. Waxberry. Creative. 1200w. Hebei cangzhou hejian. 

Wholesale Waterkoker Mini

1500-1800w. Apparaten keuken. Lll0024ls. Equipped. Usb plug. Cb,csa,lfgb,rohs. Insulation power: Ha035Child lock. Ml-150a. White red green purplr blue. Tangwuds. 

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