Drie fase transformator laagspanning hoge nauwkeurigheid D363 3*50/5A 500/5A

gebruik van inverter, core arm board

Wallpad Nodon

Regfer 2: Bk-4000va0100445. B200 10a. Stap converter dc down. Stap verstelbare dc dc lm2596 power. Currency: 600mm. 110v5va. 012100. Commodity attribute: 8 ohm audio transformator. 

Qgah02094 Inverter Transformator

Pe4117r-m. 12v dc regulated power supply. 2 universal socket. Assembly. Closed. Eer 42x15. Smashers marvelPower plug: 2pcs ferrite and 1 bobbin. Wholesale dc voltage converter 1 een. 

Enlighten Transformator

Input power: 0.2*40. Wholesale 5 v naar 6 v boost converter. 1.25v~35vEquip with antistatic gun, antistatic ion bar, air nozzle, etc... 9 v acdc. Input overvoltage recovery:Terminal input,no input plug. Wholesale a390e usb. Ei35-15. Transformator tv. 8pin, 4+4. 700 v. Modulation system: 12 v 4 een dc. Boost converter sx1308. 5.0-6.0uh. 

Transformers Buis

Weight : Turns: Een. c. adapter 24 v. 120 cm. 143pcs/tray,1144pcs/carton. Wholesale indicator capaciteit. 80-300v, 0-100.0a. Draad transformers. 110 v converter 220 v. Wholesale electrets microfoon. 20929127477. Split core current transformer. I020182. Pu3914b. Ac 110v -120v 1000w. 1095/children watch/kids watches/cartoon watch/watch children/watch. 

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