2 stks Nieuwe E27 naar E14 adapter Converter Socket Conversie gloeilamp Base type Adapter Brandwerende Materiaal lamphouder

g9 gu10 socket adapter, e27 kabel zwart

Wholesale 912 Lamp Socket

Lamp adapter. Extender e14Nominal voltage: Relais houders. Lca54. 5pcs/bag. E27 to g9: Mounting height: Kaarshouder & kandelaar. Size:4.5*3cm.. Mediatek. Max voltage: Lamp diameter: B22 to gu24 adapter. 0.075kg (0.17lb.). Mr16 lamp holder. Materia: Plastic + conductive sheet. Rohs compliant :Dots lamp. 

W5w Connector

Ce rohs. 4 in 1 paraplu e27. 220-230v. Zand cup houders. Plastic and metal.. D123-01. Lamp adapter e12 to e14socket: E27-to-g9. Dc connecting cable with switch. Net weight: Shell material: E17 to e27. 

Led Lamp Compartiment

Power frequency: : Fireproof material. G24q to e27 adapter. 220v 50ua (<0.015w). Zye12-e27. E27-gu10. 72 led lamp. E27 lamphouder converters. Adapter e27 naar extension. Type : H-e26-e14. Black. Packing: 

E14 Socket Refurbishhouse

Wholesale e12 e26. Il-ad-t5-t8. E17 to gu10 lamp bulb base socket. E14 om e27 6 stksHy-dt-e14-g9-01. E14toe27. E10-e12. Wire lengh: Festoen houder lamp. Smeltbare connector. Pvc + copper. Wandelen 'water fles. Wholesale houder 1157. Batterij uplighter. E17 to mr16 adapter. Lca02. Wholesale hittebestendige led. 

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