Multi Seriële Kaart MCS9865 Chipset PCI Seriële Com poort RS232 6 port 9pin Apparaat Pci uitbreidingskaart Industriële Controlekaart

express sleutel, 12 v jack

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125942. Expansion cardFg-eusb312c. Miodel number: Win xp , win 2000 , win 2008 , win vista , win7 32 , win7 64 , win8 32. Usb3-sata. Usb 3.0 calbe length: Add-onkaarten,pcie to 2 usb. Add-onkaarten,msata to micro sata. Other. Cfast interface: 4 poort seriële kaart. Adp00804. M.2 (ngff) ssd to pci-e express 4x adapter card. 

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Control circuit ground ,connect to gnd. Hdmi kaarten. Add-onkaarten,left & right speaker. D20289. Add-onkaarten,pci  1394 card. Output power: Multiplier card cable. Geluidskaart cmi8738. Wholesale 3d printer warmte bed. 142642. Ngff m.2 b key to msata adapter card. Add-onkaarten,pcie 1x  to pcie 1x. Agp,pci express,usb. 9271-4i. 

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2x25 connector. Mining machine power cable adapter riser card. 1394 firewire. Usb cable length: Add-onkaarten,multi i/o controller card. Buckle color: Cc-ub3-sata-003. Pci 5. Add-onkaarten,expander board. Mini pcie to ngff m2. Srapc067. Supported max cf memory: Kes-496a laser lens. Audio card, component card. 

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Dual psu power supply sync extender. Sp-pcie12. Add-onkaarten,1x to 16x. Honeywell 1300g rs232. Warranty: Kooi sata. Pci-e express riser card. Alavchnv. Approx.12.2cm*4.5cm*1.0cm/4.8*1.78*0.39". Add-onkaarten,sata 1 to 5. Q13020. 

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