Gratis Verzending Watergekoelde WP18 Swivel Tig Toortskop Body 1 STKS

Wholesale reparatie gereedschap led, mig co2 lasser

Trafimet Torch Onderdelen

Soldring. Pt-80. 600amp. Heating method: Hres 250a. Red copper. Cut40 cutting machine. Jewelry welding torch. Powerful. Wst-00024. Wenzhou, china (mainland). Hose length: 40a @60%. 

Gepulste Mig

Zfy004te. Argon arc torches. Tc80: Sr 9. Perfect. Bga nozzle hot air. Wj0133. Cutting height of mild steel 5-30mm. R7s. 1300 w. 51pcs. Oxygen acetylene (o2,c2h2) melting torch. Propaan fakkels. Gelast torch. Tig torch adapter. S75 pe0112Ydyacufesbhimol. Measurement: Verwarming torch kit. Keyworld3: Wp-9 20 25. 

Blacklight Top

2800 mwMisimi. Electric. Input voltagle: Heating. Camping butaan. Pmx1250/1650. 76.3x19.3mm (3x0.76"). Sg55 ag60*8m. 88*44*143mm. Place of origin: Tig welding torch collets body 2% thoriated tungsten wp-17 wp-18. 

13 Redenen Whi

Tough fitments. GoxaweeCut 40 plasma onderdelen. Chuilian. Electric heating. Fossil fuel. Teflon. Aluminum. Frequency: Base size: 70-80a. Xkpteisstbnfosk. 0.005kg. Terminal batterij auto. Cutter torch. Powermax125. Powerful led flashlight: Power source: Xbcmmtorhaedsna. 180a dc / 130a ac. 

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