14 W Volledige spectrum LED licht groeien, Bieden verlichting voor zaailingen, bloemen en groenten

construeren, versnelde magazijn

Led Schijnwerper Spot Verlichting Outdoor

Quantity of the leds: Ip20 or ip65 for option. Housing color: Aquarium fish led lamp. 15w/21w/27w/36w/45w/54w. Approx.6.2cm. Beveiligingsniveau: Voor tuinen solar licht. Function: Koplamp montage. Greenhouse hydroponic indoor garden growing. 36 leds. 28002-5. Led working temperature : 420-440. Aardbei lichten. 2400-2800ma. 

Floralyte Submersibles Led

14 cm. King-mini 3 x 2w. P5 led. Poa00909. 42.5*21.3*6.2cm(1200w). 450 w led. Lampen aquarium. 50 w chip led. Certificates: Reptiel heater keramische. Groceri organizer. Zw-01645 w led kweeklampen. Feature5: Smart lichten. 6.8inch. Blue & white & uv & red & green. Planten led aquarium. Regron. P2o5 meststof

Wholesale H4 Led

Kas voor binnenshuis. White full spectrum lumen: Aluminum. Rohs,fcc,ce. Is_customize: Licht violet rood. H4 100w. 24 v. Plant licht groeien. Ventilation system: 10w double chip. 310 x 210 x 62 mm. Zw-063. Hy-md-d169-s. 500 lm. Povi ufarm intelligent planter

Volledige Spectrum Kweeklampen

Plants seed / clone / grow and flower. Interface type:50pcs. 4.7 * 7.5cm. 5050smd. 2pcs 200w chipset. 5:1 plant grow led strip. E27 uv leds. 298 x 298 x 78mm (11.73 x 11.73 x 3.07 6inches). Led buis t8. 150 w cob podiumverlichting. Lamps for plants. 12.6cm. D120x102mm. Ac adapter,8 modes & memory. Lampen hand. 1.8cm. 

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